P.C.M. Srl operates internationally thanks to an efficient staff of engineers and supervisors, and is an example of how Italian mechanics is appreciated in the world.

P.C.M. Srl is Italian leading company in construction of rendering equipment and oilseed processing systems.
The company is therefore specialized in engineering, construction and installation of CE plants for the collection, treatment and transformation of:


Recently, P.C.M. Srl have projected and manufactured a wide range of continuous presses for the extraction of oil from grape seeds.

Rendering equipment



P.C.M. Srl is a rendering plant manufacturer: core business is to design and supply processing plants for slaughter by products, according to the EEC standard.
A rendering factory is a set of machines and equipment that enable collection, cooking and transformation into animal meal, of all slaughter by products not intended for human consumption (category called ABPs).
Who produces slaughtering equipments, usually does not have the experience and the technical ability to manage even the waste that the meat plant generates (such as bones, blood, guts, horn, feathers, carcasses, skins), waste that represent a daily big problem for the slaughterhouse managers.


slaughter by products
Oilseed processing



P.C.M. Srl designs and manufactures systems for collection and machines for oilseed squeezing and processing.
The different chemical composition of the various raw materials, imply that even the plants for the extraction of oil from oilseeds never have the same technical data.
There is not a system to be define as standard: everything is always customized.
The oilseed press by P.C.M. Srl have been successfully tested with a long list of oilseeds, such as soy, sunflower (whole or decorticated), cocoa, corn germ, rape, sesame, cashew, peanut, palm kernel, etc.


Extraction of oil from oilseeds
PCM operates internationally thanks to an efficient staff of engineers


P.C.M. Srl company provides engineering and design services of plants for animal by products rendering and for oilseed processing.

It’s therefore able, upon request, to

  • prepare feasibility studies
  • provide consulting and engineering projects of factories for production of meat bone meal, lay-out and ROI studies
  • design the lay-out of the machineries and production lines