P.C.M Srl company has a long experience in engineering and construction of rendering equipment: with this term we indicate a huge set of machineries that collect the waste produced from the slaughterhouse (such as bones, blood, guts, horn, feathers, carcasses, skins) and transform them in dried meat bone meal, that has a big market and many applications.
In other terms, rendering factory is a meal producing plant.
Companies that produce slaughtering equipments generally don’t take care of the dirty part of the abattoir production; they are not able to support the managers of the slaughterhouse in how approach the disposal of such daily waste.
Poultry by products (viscera, blood, feather) for example, are a very difficult problem to solve, first for their environmental impact, second for the big quantities produced in the most modern facilities. 
P.C.M Srl is able to project customized solutions, after study of type and quantity of the by-products to process; the technical department can suggest you the right solution for production of meal having the requested data in terms of content, color and humidity.
P.C.M Srl plants can process waste of cattle, pig, sheep, poultry or fish, and are manufactured in compliance with ECC health regulations.