The bone shredder K20/60 represents the maximum of the technical evolu-tion in the crushing of ABPs and poultry by products.
The machine is able to crush not only bones, fats, guts and skins, but also whole animal carcasses, in small pieces, up to a maximum dim. of 18mm., than it can be considered as an animal grinder.
P.C.M Srl, thanks to his long experience up what is the rendering process, have realized a high-performance and technically advanced meat shredder machine, able to offer enormous productive advantages.
It have been adopted a crushing system managed by a microprocessor (PLC), which controls and splits the different phases of the process, thus allowing an energy saving of 50% compared to the traditional crushers on the market.
The crusher K20/60 is made of strong thickness sheet metal, it is composed of two turned shafts with two sets of cutting blades; on the external walls a series of fixed knives Hardox 400 made, is mounted.