P.C.M Srl provides engineering and design services of animal by-product rendering equipment (transformation of slaughter waste) and for oilseed processing.

It’s therefore able, upon request, to

  • prepare feasibility studies of animal rendering companies and oilseed extraction factories
  • provide consulting and engineering projects of factories for production of meat bone meal or oilseed meal, lay-out and ROI studies
  • design the lay-out of the machineries and production lines

On demand, P.C.M Srl provides additional services, as follow:

  • Supervision until the realization and commissioning of the plants
  • Training of personnel in Italy and abroad

The Engineering Department of P.C.M Srl is able to develop the project at 360°, starting from the layout of the future plant up to the study of the single machines and accessories, and correct sizing of the production line.